New Tenancy Agreement June 2019

As the summer of 2019 approaches, many landlords and tenants across the United Kingdom will be considering the implementation of new tenancy agreements. These documents are vital for regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants, and ensuring that both parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

The new tenancy agreement for June 2019 includes a range of updates and changes that are designed to make the process smoother and more transparent for all involved. Here are a few of the key changes that landlords and tenants should be aware of:

1. The Tenant Fees Act

The Tenant Fees Act came into effect on 1st June 2019 and marks a significant change for tenants. Under this new legislation, landlords and letting agents are prohibited from charging tenants fees for things like admin fees, reference checks, and credit checks. This means that tenants will no longer have to worry about being hit with unexpected fees and should help to reduce the cost of moving.

2. Ending a tenancy

The new agreement also includes updated provisions on how to end a tenancy. Most notably, it specifies that landlords cannot issue a Section 21 notice within the first four months of a tenancy. This is designed to protect tenants from being unfairly evicted and provide them with more time to settle into their new home.

3. Rent increases

Another important change to the tenancy agreement is the new provisions for rent increases. Under the new agreement, landlords will be required to give tenants at least six months` notice of any rent increases. This will give tenants more time to prepare and budget for any potential changes.

4. Deposit protection

The new tenancy agreement for June 2019 also includes updated provisions on how to handle deposits. Landlords will now have to provide tenants with more information about how their deposit is protected, including details about the relevant scheme. This should help to reduce confusion and ensure that tenants understand their rights.

Overall, the new tenancy agreement for June 2019 is designed to make the process of renting a property smoother and more transparent for all involved. Landlords and tenants should familiarize themselves with the changes and ensure that they are compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations. By doing so, they can avoid unnecessary disputes and ensure a positive relationship going forward.